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MATH 130 : Precalculus

Credits: 3

Course Description: Preparation for first-year calculus. Covers symmetry, graphs, functions, lines, parabolas and max-min problems, exponential and logarithm functions, exponential growth, and the trigonometric functions and their inverses.

Pre-Requisites: Math Placement Test or MATH 115 with a grade of B or better in the previous semester.

Comments: No student receives graduation credits for MATH 130 if it is taken after successful completion of any higher math course. Students who have successfully completed MATH 130 may not subsequently take MATH 129 for credit. Students may take MATH 130 after MATH 129 only with explicit permission of the department, and then only for two credits.

Sample Materials

Chapter 2:
2.1 Function: domain, range, piecewise-defined and function graph.
2.2 Lines: slope of segment, concept of line, and slope of line.
2.3 x and y intercepts formula.
2.4 Piecewise-linear functions: absolute value, step functions, etc.
2.6 Quadratic functions: graph parabolas, translations, concavity, increasing/decreasing, symmetry, graphs and vertical line functions test.
2.7 Graph quadratic formula, the discriminant, solutions as graph intercepts.
2.8 Quadratic function: extrema, max-min word problems.
Chapter 3:
3.1 Techniques for graphing: symmetry, odd-even, translation, stretch; slope between two parabola points.
3.2 Rational graphs, asymptotes and holes.
Chapter 4:
4.1 Distance formula and circles.
4.4 Functions: arithmetic and composition; notation.
4.5 Function inversion.
Chapter 5:
5.1 Exponential functions.
5.2 Logarithmic functions; graphs and asymptotes.
5.3 Logarithm laws; change of base formula.
5.4 Natural log and exponential functions: base and graphs.
5.5 Exponential growth: function and lines.
Chapter 6:
6.1 Angle measure, radians, angular speed.
6.2 Trigonometric functions: sine and cosine, fractions, quadrants and standard position angle.
6.3 Graph sine and cosine; period, amplitude and phase.
6.4 Graph trig functions and vertical asymptotes.
6.5 Inverse trig functions: domain, range, graphs, symmetries, special value and radical form.
Chapter 7:
7.1 Sine, etc., as ratios, for acute angles and special values.
7.2 Right triangle trigonometry; solving right triangles.
7.3 Identities involving Pythagoras and the trig function definitions.
7.4 Addition Laws for sin, cases for sin and cos.
7.5 Double and half angle formulae.
7.6 Solving trig equations; the corresponding graph intersections.
Chapter 8:
8.1 The Law of Cosines.
Spring 2018 Schedule:

Section Meetings Instructor Comments
MWF 09:00am - 09:50am
Kaploun, Anatoli
MWF 10:00am - 10:50am
Kaploun, Anatoli
MWF 11:00am - 11:50am
Margolina, Alla
MWF 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Ball, Jonathan
MWF 02:00pm - 02:50pm
Ball, Jonathan
TuTh 08:00am - 09:15am
Reif, Isaac
TuTh 09:30am - 10:45am
Crounse, Karen
TuTh 11:00am - 12:15pm
Kovitz, Sheldon
TuTh 12:30pm - 01:45pm
Kovitz, Sheldon
TuTh 02:00pm - 03:15pm
Kovitz, Sheldon
TuTh 04:00pm - 05:15pm
Kovitz, Sheldon
MWF 03:00pm - 03:50pm
Ball, Jonathan
Sa 08:15am - 11:30am
Riepel, Brianna
MW 06:00pm - 07:50pm
Nguyen, Long

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