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MTT 301 : Math for Elementary Teachers I: Reasoning About Numbers and Quantities

Credits: 3

Course Description: This is one of two mathematics courses proposed for prospective elementary school teachers. The course provides elements of the mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge needed to understand and teach mathematics in elementary school. For each mathematical topic the course provides multiple representations and multiple tools for understanding, communication and making connections within the mathematical content and among various ways of learning it. Relevant real life situations will be used to anchor the mathematical concepts and skills. The mathematical content of the course includes a historical perspective on numeration, the fundamental operations on the set of Whole Numbers, extending the Number System to Integers, Rational and Real numbers, addressing conventional and alternative ways of computing, exploring the complexities in understanding Ratios, Proportions and rates, son Number Theoretic concepts such as Primes, Composites, Factors, Divisibility and related computations.

Pre-Requisites: Math placement test A.

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