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MATH 280 : Introduction to Proofs

Credits: 3

Course Description: The course is designed to aid students in making the transition from calculus, differential equations and linear algebra to the more advanced and more abstract mathematics courses, such as abstract algebra and real analysis. The course will cover mathematical logic, mathematical proofs, mathematical induction, set theory, relations, functions, cardinality and applications of proofs in the study of such areas as number theory, calculus and group theory, as time permits.

Pre-Requisites: MATH 141.

Sample Materials

  1. Mathematical Logic
  2. Set Theory
  3. Proofs
  4. Relations
  5. Functions
  6. Mathematical Induction
  7. Cardinalities of Sets
  8. The Real Number System
Fall 2017 Schedule:

Section Meetings Instructor Comments
MWF 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Grinberg, Eric

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